Dalian Library
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Rules for Readers

1. Visitors should dress decently and behave properly in the Library.
2. Visitors are not permitted to bring any bags larger than book size enter the open-stack reading area. Please leave bags in the lockers at the entrance of East Hall.
3. Inflammable, explosive or toxic items are NOT permitted in the Library.
4. Smoking or open flames are NOT permitted within the Library. Please do NOT touch the fire-fighting equipment. Readers are not permitted to charge their cell phones within the Library.
5. Food and beverages are NOT permitted in the open-stack area, please.
6. Please comply with the public rules and regulations. Please keep silent in the Library.
7. Please gently handle the books, newspaper and periodicals to avoid damage.
8. Please be in accordance with regulations and use the computer with care.

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Address:Dalian City Liaoning Province Xi Gangqu Changbai Street No.7  Rights:DaLian Library