Dalian Library
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Rules for Registration

1. Card Application
To apply for a Reader’s Card, please hold a ID card (a residence booklet, or a military ID card) and a deposit of 100 RMB, and go to the Main Information Desk. Please comply with the rules and regulations of Dalian Library.
A deposit of 100 RMB is requested. 10 books are allowed to be borrowed each time for 30 days. Renewal of a book is permitted before its overdue. The length of renewal is 30 days, right after the day it is renewed. Tenure of Reader’s Card use is indefinite. One person can only apply for one Reader’s Card.
3. Card Replacement
A reader should report his/her lost of Reader’s Card by calling 39662381/82/83/84 immediately, and bring a valid ID card to get a new card at the Main Information Desk.
4. Card Cancellation
To cancel a card, please bring a valid ID card (residence booklet, or military ID card).
TEL:0411-39662300  Postal Code:116012  FAX:0411-39662300
Address:Dalian City Liaoning Province Xi Gangqu Changbai Street No.7  Rights:DaLian Library